Author: Kim Chantler

New Year, Same Me

The New Year brings with it many wonderful Things; January sales, Frosty mornings and a chance  for a new Challenge or start.  That being said, I think it’s very easy to fall into the trap of wanting to change every little thing about yourself and your body. Making big declarations and then feeling rubbish when you inevitably fail to meet the impossible targets you’ve set yourself within a small time frame, instead of making tweaks to your life. That’s why this year I’m setting myself the goal to practice more self care. Now, this isn’t about to develop into a sex column (not...

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What to wear this Winter

I’m that basic blogger who loves everything about the Autumn. My wardrobe comes alive, I’m out more in those crunchy leaves and I think I single handedlykeep the Pumpkin Spice market alive during October. I got your back Starbucks. Nothing gives me more delight than going coat and scarf shopping when the cooler weather sets in. I scour the online shops for the perfect throw over to carry me through the rest of the year. With so much on the high street, there’s so much to chose from – so I thought I’d show you the two perfect coats from a size 8 to a size 28! Mustard...

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