Author: Kate Stephenson

You, Your Home and Colour

There’s a reason we all love a rainbow – right? And, although it could be the promise of the pot of gold at the end of it, I still think it’s the colours that provoke the emotion. Psychologists have studied colours and their influence on our mood, productivity and creativity.  Understanding some of the results help to recognise how to use colour effectively in our homes. Some colour choices are obvious. The femininity of pinks, the bright happy hue of yellow, whilst greens are often used to create a tranquil, peaceful environment.  Neutral colour schemes are currently very popular and grey is a backdrop which still...

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Happily Ever After for You And Your Home

After the opportunity of a candle lit dinner on Valentine’s Day last month, there may be some of you who have taken the next step in your relationship?  If you find yourself with a fiancé and a wedding to plan, then first of all – Congratulations!! One of the most exciting days of your life requires so much time and planning but do not worry – you don’t have to do this all on your own.  The professionals will all be available to offer guidance, advice and assistance. There will, of course, be lots of choices and decisions to make, so firstly, choose your professionals wisely. An area to...

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Planning your Home Projects – The Interior Designer Way

So, after dry January, the detox is complete, and we can start looking forward to Spring. But don’t waste the shortest month of the year – I like to use February as a planning month for the coming seasons.  Your home will need a ‘detox’ at some point in the year too and why not use the approach of Spring, and all the energy it brings, to do just that? The obligatory ‘Spring Clean’ quite often means freshening up schemes and updating interiors.  If you are thinking of an overhaul to a room or even your entire home, remember the most important thing of all.  Planning,...

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How to avoid the Winter Blues

When the tree has been recycled and the decorations are back in the loft, it can leave your house feeling a little bare and drab. But do not despair! Help is at hand and you don’t need to spend a fortune or have a complete overhaul to make your home feel special again. I find introducing lamps, are a clever way of bringing interest back into a room, especially in the winter months when the nights are longer, and we switch on earlier. Soft, warm lighting feels cosy and welcoming. These quirky, colourful lamps by Dar Lighting available from for £58.99 each, are...

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