Author: Kat Atkins

Put a spring in your step

We all know that January, February and even March are trial months and the real New Year starts in spring. they don’t, but many of us actually struggle to do all the amazing things we planned to do and achieve the goals we want. If the weather doesn’t make you feel less motivated, then I’m pretty sure that something will have gotten in the way and maybe life’s bogged you down. It’s important to remember that nothing blooms all year so don’t expect yourself to. However, it’s finally spring and the perfect time to re-energise yourself and take back control. Here’s my top tips to energise yourself and put a...

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That four letter word we are surrounded with at this time of year. Every way we turn we read the latest diet trends, the do’s and the don’ts, eat this and don’t eat that or even worse how to shred 10lbs in 10 days. It’s no wonder that everything becomes overwhelming and we often find ourselves doing the wrong thing or try to stick to a ‘diet’ that just isn’t realistic and we end up giving up. Well let me tell you this, a diet isn’t something we ‘go on’ it’s something we have a diet is the food we eat in order to survive and...

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Nobody needs a new year to start a fresh or to set some goals, but let’s face it, the second that clock strikes midnight, most people will have made theirs, so we may as well take advantage of this time of year and set some ourselves. Our motivation is at its highest in the New Year, we will have had time to reflect on the past year and decide it’s time to change things. I can almost guarantee that most people will have a fitness / weight loss goal in mind and that’s absolutely great. There is nothing more important than our health. The problem is so many...

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Festive Fitness

It’s getting to that festive time of year where we feel the need to lose a few pounds to fit into that party dress, and pretty much every magazine on the high street will advertise how to lose weight and look good at Christmas parties. I’m a newly qualified personal trainer and it drives me mad when I see all the ‘fad diets’. I have struggled with my weight all my teenage and early adult years. At my biggest I was 20 stone, until one day decided to change this road I was on. I have now lost 10 stone! I can tell you first hand, nothing...

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