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Indian Ocean

Tropical blue seas, beautiful white sand beaches and hot weather are beaconing you from the Indian Ocean. These clusters of paradise islands include many but the most visited are The Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius and have been attracting honeymooners and those seeking heaven on earth for many a year. Here at Just Journey we believe that developing the trip by combining a second destination can give your holiday more depth and substance and most importantly make the trip so much more memorable. With Emirates flying from Birmingham, it couldn’t be easier to create these multi-centre holidays and to include the unique city of...

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Rio Carnival

It’s February, it’s cold and grey but Spring is just around the corner and the biggest party in the world is in full flow.  The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is an experience all should seek out.  If you are a party goer or a more of a spectator, the sights, sounds and the endless samba beat are calling you to this fantastic country. The party lasts about a week and welcomes around two million visitors and participants a day. Booking early is essential to enjoy the fun, so next year could be your chance. Just Journey’s suggestion would be to experience the festival for...

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Hiking Holiday

The festive season is drawing to a close and we have all very much enjoyed the excesses of food, drink and all those mince pies this time of year affords us. Now it’s time to get up off that sofa, turn the TV off, dust off those boots and let Just Journey inspire you with a selection of hiking holidays for an adventure that will reward you with an overwhelming sense of achievement. The first thing to understand is that rambling holidays are available to all.  Solo travellers, groups of families and friends, and all abilities are catered for. From scaling the world’s tallest peaks...

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Magical Northern Lights

With winter drawing in, the heating is being turned up and we are reaching for that scarf in the back of the wardrobe.  It’s not all shivers and gloom though, we at Just Journey think it’s time to focus on the amazing places that are best visited during this winter season.  Skiing is of course the obvious choice, but that aside and as we specialise in the more unusual holiday, we would like to set our focus on the wonder that is the Aurora Borealis, aka. The Northern Lights. There are a good selection of countries breaching the Arctic Circle that boast remarkable viewing...

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