Author: Hollie Rowson-Dilks

Kate’s love for designing interiors

Sitting down and admiring Interiors Designed impeccable showroom and studio, Kate Stephenson, the owner and Interior Designer, showed me one of the projects she was currently working on.  A design board showcasing different images, fabrics, paints, wallcoverings and examples of room layout. Kate would soon be showing the board to her client, following their initial consultation meeting. This particular client was interested in Interiors Designed unique selling point, an Interior Design Service for just £89 per room! If I’m being honest, I always thought that to hire an interior designer it would be quite pricey. However, it seems this is not the case here. With this service, Interiors...

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Pulp Friction

Sitting down in the familiar and homelike Pulp Friction café, located inside of The National Justice Museum, we met with Jill Carter, who founded Pulp  Friction alongside her daughter Jessie Carter-Kay.  Pulp Friction is a social enterprise which provides volunteering opportunities, support and employs young people with learning disabilities, helping them to develop work-readiness, social and independence skills. Pulp Friction run pedal-powered smoothie bars as well as run several cafes across Nottingham. A fun, friendly and supportive environment is ensured, and members are encouraged to work at their own pace and to their own strengths. When Jessie, who has a moderate learning disability, was 18 she...

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QUAD in Derby Open Call for submissions for ‘At the End of the Day’

QUAD in Derby has announced a call for submissions to be part of a new exhibition taking place in QUAD in 2018. QUAD are looking for people to apply to creative workshop that explores and challenges ideas about what it’s like to be English in the Midlands today. The research focussed collaborative workshop will include a publication and an exhibition at QUAD Gallery between 10th February and 11th March 2018. At the End of the Day is open to people from Derby, England, or anywhere in the world, and from any creative backgrounds and interests. The workshop will be...

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New campaign hopes to make Derby the most D/deaf friendly city in the UK

Image by photographer G.Whitmore QUAD along with MECA (Mackworth Estate Community Association), Natalie Bamford from  and Sarah Gatford, Consultant, Trainer and BSL / English Interpreter are asking the public to help make Derby the most D/deaf friendly city in the UK. The group, #DerbySigningCity have been shortlisted to win one of 40 awards of £10,000 from the Aviva Community Fund. They aim to get over 1,000 people taking part in a single mass sign language lesson and beat the World Record for the largest sign language lesson in the world. Derby has the largest D/deaf population outside of...

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Derby Museums will host a solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist Richard Long as part of ARTIST ROOMS.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery ARTIST ROOMS Richard Long Drawn From the Land 2 December 2017 – 4 March 2018 Richard Long (b. 1945) was among the foremost of a new generation of British sculptors to emerge in the 1960s who extended the possibilities of sculpture beyond the confines of the studio and gave it meaningful existence as part of the place, time and substance of which it is made. He has said “my work is not illusory or conceptual. It is about real stones, real time, real actions. I use the world as I find it.”  The exhibition,...

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