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These days every other person seems to have caught on to the digital phenomenon that is blogging, whether it be via one of the many social media platforms readily accessible, or through their own blog page and a clever marketing move it is, as it encourages expression, creative writing and of course is a strong part of any businesses marketing strategy for many reasons.  CHOOSE A PLATFORM There are lots of free options out there offering a quality and free platform to which to start your blogging journey such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and TypePad, all of which offer free templates and easy to follow guidelines. So take the time to explore and find the one...

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10 Easy Steps To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Networking

Networking isn’t just about meeting and chatting face to face at events, it can be done using various other platforms; namely social media, which offers so many ways to communicate. Now that we are fully immersed within the digital age, what better way than to incorporate social media with networking… Attending an event? Ask the organiser for the attendees list so that you can select those you want to meet and then search their Twitter tag in order to Tweet them prior to the event, saying ‘you’re looking  forward to meeting them’- a great ice breaker when you finally do meet face to face. FOLLOW ALL EVENTS Follow all events...

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Networking For Sales: The Power Is In The Questioning

Ever come un-stuck with how to strike up and tie-up a business related conversation? Here are my suggestions for fail-safe questions to bank when attending a networking event or business meeting, with the agenda to convert in a positive way… 1.  First things first, scrap the script and allow conversation to flow naturally. From the on-set, this is where relationships are built, make small talk to soften slowly into whatever agenda you have to discuss. 2. Listen & learn to shut up – it’s easy to keep waffling on if you are nervous, trying to fill the gaps for fear of an awkward silence but don’t, let the other...

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Conversation Starters For Networking

Many people ask me if I have any tips on how to approach someone or break into a group at a networking event, so here is my step by step guide… 1. Remember in networking you are ‘Farming’ NOT ‘Hunting’- It is important to keep in the back of your mind at all times, that you are networking in order to build good quality relationships with people, with view to doing business with them in the near future- NOT selling to them in the room. 2. Be honest- Explain you’re new to networking or this event and you may be surprised to hear that...

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